The National Scholarship Providers Association’s
“2015 Scholarship Provider of the Year”

2017 Annual Awards Reception

Over $1 Million dollars in Scholarships and Scholar Support Services Awarded to more than 100 Local Students

BOCA RATON, Fla. (June 14, 2017) - In 2017, the George Snow Scholarship Fund will make scholarship commitments of $1 million dollars to over 100 very deserving local scholars. On June 1st, the Scholarship Fund hosted its Annual Awards Reception with the help of generous sponsorship from Amy and Mike Kazma, the Steve Bagdan Charitable Foundation, Rita and Tom Head and the R.A. Ritter Foundation. This event allows our donors and supporters to meet these special young people as well as recognize our donors and volunteers who have made 2017 the most successful year in our 35-year history.

“Our Awards Reception marks the culmination of a year’s worth of work by literally hundreds of our kind and generous supporters and volunteers. This night shows us the fruits of our labor and our donors get to meet the young people who will benefit from their efforts,” said President Tim Snow. “These awards are made possible through the through the hard work and generosity of our donors, volunteers, corporate and community partners.”

During the ceremony Snow Scholars received a medal and certificate. After the ceremony, each Snow Scholar received a duffel gift bag filled with items they can use while away at college. Students chose between a new Lenovo laptop computer or a college supply stipend. Other goodies included two dorm appliances donated by Jarden Consumer Solutions of Boca Raton, a Microsoft Office Professional Productivity Suite donated by Microsoft Inc., and a first aid kit donated by Boca Raton Regional Hospital. Bar Charts donated quick reference charts on various subjects, Dr. Douglas A. Rolfe donated oral hygiene kits and the Boca Raton Resort & Club donated sewing kits. Additional items included a LED flash light keychain, a flash drive and a cooler. Overall, the gifts the Snow Scholars received were valued at over $800.00

In addition to making financial commitments, the Fund provides students with its innovative Scholar Support Services program. This started with a Snow Scholar Orientation on Wednesday, May 31. Students heard from local experts as well current Snow Scholars and Alumni on a variety of topics that will enhance their college experience. 

The orientation covered surviving the first two weeks of school, good nutrition, importance of exercise, mental health, managing stress/anxiety, life outside the classroom, campus safety, drugs, alcohol, time management, study skills, developing a resume, professor/student relationships and financial management. Other scholar support programs include the Emergency Fund Program, Monday’s Motivational Messages and the Computer and College Supply Initiative along with new programs such as our Senior Portrait Program and our “Snow Family App.” 

Each year the Fund recognizes one special supporter who represents volunteerism, generosity, commitment, and unselfishness; the award is known as the Robert S. Howell Spirit of Service Award. The ceremony ended with longtime supporter Diana Halley receiving this award.

About the George Snow Scholarship Fund: 
The George Snow Scholarship Fund is a nationally recognized Palm Beach County based 501(c)(3) public charity, dedicated to providing scholarships and support services to young men and women with financial need so they can build a better life through the pursuit of higher education. Since 1982, the organization has awarded over 8.2 million dollars in scholarship awards to over 1,600 promising Snow Scholars who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to achieving their goals through hard work and a willingness to help themselves and others.

About the Robert S. Howell Spirit of Service Award:
In 2008, the George Snow Scholarship Fund and the Boca Raton Community lost a longtime friend and supporter, Bob Howell, to cancer. Bob Howell holds a special place in the history of the George Snow Scholarship Fund. He was a founding trustee of the Fund, serving on the fund’s organizational committee and later serving as Chairman of the Board. He was a major factor in the successes we have today.

Sponsors of Annual Awards Reception: Gold Sponsor: Amy and Mike Kazma and Steve Bagdan Charitable Foundation; Silver Sponsor: Rita and Tom Head and R.A. Ritter Foundation


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