The National Scholarship Providers Association’s
“2015 Scholarship Provider of the Year”

84 Snow Scholars receive Scholarships

George Snow Scholarship Fund Hosts Annual Awards Reception & makes financial commitments of $915,317.72 in scholarships scholar support services to 84 local scholars

BOCA RATON, Fla. (June 3, 2016) - The George Snow Scholarship Fund hosted the Annual Awards Reception on Wednesday, June 1st at 5:30pm at the Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center. On Wednesday evening, we gathered to meet these special young people as well as recognize those individuals and organizations that have made 2015-2016 the successful year that it has been for the George Snow Scholarship Fund and the young people we serve.

In 2016, we made financial commitments of $915,317.72 in scholarships and scholar support services to 84 very deserving scholars. Since inception, the fund has awarded $8,251,825.87 to 1624 of our Snow Scholars.

The evening started with the students arriving for their orientation with Vice President of Scholar Services, Pam Perrin, and Scholar Coordinator, Leslie Cornwell. The scholars then went out to the reception to meet their donors and greet their guests. After dinner, President of the George Snow Scholarship Fund, Tim Snow, hosted the Awards Ceremony. Each student received a medal and certificate. Each year the Fund recognizes one special supporter who represents volunteerism, generosity, commitment and unselfishness; the award is known as the Robert S. Howell Spirit of Service Award. The ceremony ended with longtime supporter Ron Wells receiving this award.

In addition to financial assistance, each Snow scholar received a gift bag filled with items they can use while away at college including a new laptop computer, a duffle bag, a LED flash light, a flash drive, a coffee maker and blender donated by Jarden Consumer Solutions of Boca Raton, a Microsoft Office Professional productivity suite donated by Microsoft Inc., First Aid Kit donated by Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Bar Charts donated quick reference charts on various subjects and Dr. Douglas A. Rolfe donated oral hygiene kits. Additional items and various school supplies were underwritten by supporters of the Scholarship Fund. Overall, the gifts the Snow Scholars received were valued at over $900.00.

“Our Awards Reception marks the culmination of a year’s worth of work by literally hundreds of our kind and generous supporters and volunteers. This night shows us the fruits of our labor and our donors get to meet the young people who will benefit from their efforts,” said President Tim Snow.

Scholarship recipient Lilly Folds said it was truly an unforgettable night. “It was a once in a lifetime incredible experience to be chosen by some of these people because they did their background on me and went through all my applications. To know that out of everyone who applied, with everything I’ve been through and 13 years of schools…it’s amazing to be there in that moment. And finally being honored for all the hard work that I put in,” said Folds. She just graduated from Jupiter Community and will be attending the University of Florida to study pre-medicine.

The Selection Committee of 67 community leaders read through over 900 applications. Then 140 students were interviewed. “After reviewing the scores from the Interview Teams and each students’ financial-need, we were able to award 84 truly incredible students.  Please know that we have been able to accomplish this only through the hard work and generosity of our donors, volunteers, corporate and community partners,” said Vice President of Scholar Services Pam Perrin.  

“We are blessed to live and work in a community that recognizes the importance of higher education and that is willing to step up to the plate to give this year’s scholarship recipients an opportunity to pursue their hopes and dreams,” said Tim Snow.

In addition to scholarship money, the continuation of our many scholar support programs and services such as the Emergency Fund Program, Monday’s Motivational Messages and the Computer and College Supply Initiative along with new programs such as our Senior Portrait Program and our new “Snow Family App” are examples of how this organization is continuing to implement innovative programs that serve our scholarship recipients and our community.

About the George Snow Scholarship Fund: 

The George Snow Scholarship Fund, a Boca Raton-based 501(c)3 Public Charity, provides educational grants to deserving young scholars. These scholarships are four-year commitments and are designed to bridge the gap between other financial aid and what the scholars and their families can afford.

About the Robert S. Howell Spirit of Service Award:

A little over eight years ago, the George Snow Scholarship Fund and the Boca Raton Community lost a longtime friend and supporter, Bob Howell, to cancer. Bob Howell holds a special place in the history of the George Snow Scholarship Fund. He was a founding trustee of the Fund, serving on the fund’s organizational committee and later serving as Chairman of the Board. He was a major factor in the successes we have today.

Sponsors of Annual Awards Reception: Gold Sponsor: Amy and Mike Kazma, Steve Bagdan Charitable Foundation and The Head Family; Silver Sponsor: R.A. Ritter Foundation; Scholar’s Sponsor: CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc. and Linda and Robert Schmier


Tarique Akbar


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Sarah Alexandre


Alexander Amezaga


Brandon Augustin


Rebekka Behr


Isis Benjamin


Livia Berni


Jenesa Branford


Abigail Britton


Ruby Calvillo


Christopher Chovet Santa Cruz


Amber Clingan


Camryn Comiskey


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