The National Scholarship Providers Association’s
“2015 Scholarship Provider of the Year”

Alumni Society

The Snow Scholar Alumni Society is an annual designation that recognizes and honors our alumni who have given back to our organization. Membership in the Snow Scholar Alumni Society is bestowed on those alumni that have demonstrated an ongoing and substantial commitment to the organization and the young people we serve by making a donation of their time, talent or treasure. Through out the year there are many activities for alumni to get involved with, click here to view our current list of volunteer and donation opportunities. 


2015-2016 Snow Scholar Alumni Society

Ben Carter, ‘06

Giacomo Cernjul, '08

Jessica Corneille, ‘07

Sue Chong, ‘04

Loren Duggan, '96

Ana Gagula, ‘10

Jade Simone Green, ‘07

Torrey Green, '95 

Ledlyne Heriscar, ‘99

Zulna Heriscar, ‘99

Jose Herrera, ‘01

Kristy Jackson, ‘83

Christavia Johnson, ‘11

Kyoko Johnson,  '03

Ena Kadribasic, '12

Cari Lewis, '99

Stephanie McCrate, ‘12

Alexia MacIntosh, ‘99

Clayborn Mathis, ‘10

Jeffrey Molinaro, '00

Khristy Nicholas, '10

Alex Nirenberg, ‘09

Dr. April Patterson, '99

Jaimie Pozzy, ‘08

Caleb Raymond, ‘08

Leo Rincon, ‘99

Michael Singer, '92

Amanda Slaight, ‘04

Kenny Stephens, ‘10

Andrea Sturm, ‘02

Ashley Sturm, ‘02

Michael Sulewski, '06

Ledlyne (Heriscar) Vazquez, ‘99

Akino West, ‘10