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Graduation Day and beyond…

Today as I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed, photos of graduation day keep streaming through causing me to be in a total fog. I just can’t stop thinking about how my graduation day at the University of Miami was only one year ago. The feelings are overwhelming because I think reality of adulthood is finally settling in and that I’ve been in complete denial that graduation even happened! When did I become an adult? Why can’t I seem to be able to shake it off that college is over and that life will never be like that ever again? And why am I crying right now thinking about it?

It’s cliché and I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times but college truly was the best time of my life so far (emphasis on so far). I met the most amazing friends. I lived on the most beautiful campus. My professors were incredible. The experiences I had inside and outside the classroom truly helped define me as an individual and I am forever grateful to the []_[]. What I learned there was so powerful and no one can ever take away my degree or those experiences. And I miss it so much it hurts.

 I’ve gone back to Miami multiple times…desperately trying to grasp on to college life…. but it didn’t feel right. Your school spirit will always remain but all of sudden amongst other students you feel…well old…you get tired more quickly than you used to…irritated anywhere there’s a crowd and well simply out of place. And you start to think what happened to me and when did I become this old lady?! I’m 23 years old for crying out loud!

I spoke with my other friends that I graduated with about these odd feelings and they all said they are experiencing the same things…along with being confused and lost. We miss having our friends living right down the hall…most of us live at home because we can’t afford to move out…and some of us have gone through multiple jobs still trying to find that perfect fit.

But what I have finally realized…it’s okay! It’s okay to feel this way. It’s okay to miss college and friends. It’s okay if you feel like you don’t know what you are doing with your life. Why? Because…

  1. It’s normal to feel that way.
  2. If you continue to be hung up on missing college life, you will never be living in the present and always stuck in the past. And if you continue to live in the past, you can never be thankful for all the good in life right now…which brings me to #3.
  3. There is so much to be thankful for!! You graduated from an incredible school. You made great friends and connections. If you are living at home and it’s been rough living with your parents and siblings, just think about all the money you are saving on rent! And if you can continue to work hard and sometimes even more important…be kind and gracious to everyone…. everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

For those of you still in college, enjoy every minute of it and soak up all the experiences possible! And for those of you who just graduated who say it was the best time of your life….it was…so far! But so are so many other experiences that you are about to have! So breath…enjoy your time off if you don’t have a job yet and get ready for a bumpy journey that will be filled with amazing times and terrible times that you will learn and grow so much from. Just remember to always be thankful.

So hold on! Life is a rollercoaster but sometimes we just need to learn to sit back and enjoy it…because it’s all about the journey…not the final destination.

Until next time,

Elena Tayem 

Communications Coordinator at the George Snow Scholarship Fund