The National Scholarship Providers Association’s
“2015 Scholarship Provider of the Year”

Emergency Fund Application

Thanks to a generous, ongoing donation from the Steve Bagdan Charitable Foundation, the George Snow Scholarship Fund will now be able to further help Snow Scholars in need. The objective of the George Snow Scholarship Emergency Fund is to provide a resource for current Snow Scholars, whereby they can apply for financial assistance which will help them manage unexpected hardships and challenges during their educational careers.

Rolling applications will be accepted throughout the year. All eligible applications will be reviewed by the Emergency Fund Review Committee. The Committee will make every effort to act on each application as quickly as possible. The decisions to assist students will be based on established criteria, need and funding available at the time of application.

To determine if you are eligible for emergency funds, please carefully review the program criteria listed below.

**The Emergency Fund is only available to current Snow Scholars**

It is important that an applicant understand the intent of the Emergency Fund before applying for funding.

  • Application should be made only by individuals with verifiable situations.
  • Funding will be based on financial need.

Program Criteria that will be considered for emergency funding includes:

  • Health-related issues with a Scholar.  
  • Need for travel to meet an unexpected emergency. Examples include travel for the student’s medical treatment, attendance of a dire family emergency or to attend the funeral of an immediate family member (mother/father/brother/sister).

Program Criteria that will NOT be considered for emergency funding includes:

  • Lack of funding for a meal plan, student housing or school medical insurance.
  • Lack of funding to complete a Scholar’s college degree.
  • Opportunity to participate in any school program or extracurricular activity.
  • Covered by an insurance plan.  


  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Awards to assist programs NOT directly related to a scholar’s course of study and/or career path.
  • Funding for activities such as travel to competitions or events NOT directly related to a scholar’s course of study and/or career path.
  • Any situation where assistance would merely postpone a long term inability to adequately address the need.

If the Review Committee questions whether a request meets the above mentioned criteria, the underwriters of the Emergency Fund may be contacted to advise the Review Committee on the suitability of the request funding.

Payment of the grant will be made directly to the company or institution which is the provider of the service. Students may be reimbursed in special situations where the expenses need to be paid immediately up front. This is NOT the preferred method of disbursement and is discouraged.


  • A scholar may need emergency medical treatment that required payment at the time the services were rendered.
  • A scholar may have to pay for travel to tend to a dire family emergency or to attend the funeral of an immediate family member (mother/father/brother/sister) and may not have time to apply for a grant from the Fund prior to the travel date.

Presentation of receipts and/or invoices will be required prior to payment of the grant.

Download the Emergency Fund Application.