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“2015 Scholarship Provider of the Year”

Scholarship Administration Services


The George Snow Scholarship Fund is dedicated to helping deserving students, within the community, achieve their career goals through their pursuit of higher education.  By providing financial assistance and a host of supplementary support services, we ensure that your scholarship recipients have the resources they need to thrive academically.

Our philosophy is simple: By helping you help our young people achieve and prosper, our community grows stronger!

Making it possible for deserving young men and women to continue their education is one of life’s most rewarding experiences.  It can and does change lives for the better. To do this properly requires real knowledge and expertise.  With over 34 years of experience in the field of scholarship administration, The George Snow Scholarship Fund has refined the systems, policies and procedures necessary to fully implement your existing or future scholarship program.  At the same time, The George Snow Scholarship Fund realizes the importance of maintaining your charitable goals and objectives as well as maintaining the individual identity of your scholarship program.

In 2016, we made financial commitments of $915,317.72 in scholarships and scholar support services to 84 very deserving scholars. Since inception, the fund has awarded $8,251,825.87 to 1624 of our Snow Scholars.As experts in scholarship administration; The George Snow Scholarship Fund has developed a reputation for creating innovative programs that address the educational needs of those in our community.

Why Select the George Snow Scholarship Fund to Manage Your Scholarship Program?

If you are currently managing a scholarship program, you are very aware of the many administrative details involved.  If you are considering implementing one in the future, you will need to be aware of the many ongoing and ever changing issues affecting scholarships and student financial aid.  You can avoid these challenges and the administrative functions associated with them by turning everything over to us; our experience is second to none! The George Snow Scholarship Fund offers unmatched expertise in each of the following areas:

· Program Creation – We work closely with you to establish a program that reflects your philanthropic goals and objectives.  Our team is tuned into area academic institutions and fully aware of target populations and types of students that meet your specifications for giving.

· Promotion and Publicity – We distribute your scholarship applications to target markets and create awareness of your scholarship program in a variety of media, including the Internet and placement in “Scholarship Surveys”, to name a few.  The George Snow Scholarship Fund also works closely with scholarship coordinators and counselors at each area high school to ensure that qualified candidates are aware of your scholarship opportunity.

· Selecting Recipients – Our experienced selection committee reviews all applications with great care, and interviews only the most qualified candidates.  We ensure that all of your criteria are met, and that the most qualified applicant is the recipient of your scholarship.

· Disbursement of Funds – The Fund seamlessly executes the transfer of funds to your recipients educational institution.  We also manage the ongoing paperwork that confirms a student’s eligibility for scholarship funds.

· Our Annual Awards Reception generates additional publicity and good will for your program by allowing you the opportunity to present your scholar with a medal and scholarship certificate in front of an audience of community supporters.

Scholar Support Services

While we can efficiently administrate all aspects of your scholarship program, we offer you and your scholars much more.
It is our belief that what we provide to our scholars in the form of programs and services can be just as valuable as the financial commitment we make to them. With this in mind, The George Snow Scholarship Fund has created and implemented a series of added value programs designed to enhance and maximize your scholar’s college experience.  We provide a support system that many of our scholars are lacking at home.

The Scholar Support Services include:

· Computers and College Supply Stipends When your scholars receive their award notifications, in addition to your financial commitment, they have the option of choosing either a laptop computer or a cash college supply stipend. Computers are new, state of the art machines that are designed to last the scholar their entire college career.

· Emergency Fund The objective of The George Snow Scholarship Emergency Fund is to provide a resource for your scholars, whereby they can apply for additional financial assistance which will help them manage unexpected hardships and challenges such as sudden medical or travel expenses.

· Monday Morning Motivational Message We have learned from our scholars that one of the most difficult things for them is to be away from home and away from someone that will guide them and give them encouragement. With this in mind, each Monday morning your scholars are sent a message comprised of motivational quotes and stories that will set the tone for the busy week ahead, and let them know that there is someone back home cheering for them.

· College Supply Program  Your scholar receives a gift bag containing valuable products they can use during their college career. These are quality products which are either donated to or purchased by The George Snow Scholarship Fund.

· College Physicals Through a partnership with the Boca Raton Regional Hospital, your scholar has the opportunity to have their college physicals performed by a hospital physician. In addition, they may receive any needed vaccinations or inoculations such as meningitis and tetanus.

· High School to College: Tools for a Successful Transition – This innovative program educates your scholarship recipients on the many challenges and changes in lifestyle and environment they will experience entering their first year of college.
      The concept behind the program is that once they get through four years of college, they will know how the system works, unfortunately by that time, it is too late to use this knowledge to their own benefit. We want to communicate that knowledge to your scholarship recipients entering their first semester of school and let them enter college with the benefit of having learned the easy way what others had to learn the hard way.


 The George Snow Scholarship Fund is constantly refining and adding to the Scholar Support Services available to your scholars. This is what sets The George Snow Scholarship Fund apart from other organizations.

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