The National Scholarship Providers Association’s
“2015 Scholarship Provider of the Year”

Memorial Sites

Each of the very special people listed below have, through their passing, created a lasting legacy that will forever keep their memories alive. While each is an individual, all share a common love for knowledge and education. The George Snow Scholarship is fortunate to play a small part in the continuance of their legacies and encourage you to learn more about these fine people and the goodness of their hearts by reading more about them. We are proud to be a part of their memories.

Linnea Marie Coblentz

Mary Babione Veccia

Jean-Marc Casanave

Dominick Casso

David Dee

Ken Higgins

Grant Markfield

Charles Marqusee

Paula Pianta

Johnny Rodriguez

Margaux Walker Schehr

Jean Spence

Danial Trudeau