The National Scholarship Providers Association’s
“2015 Scholarship Provider of the Year”

In Addition to Tuition

In addition to tuition: when you read that, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Some may think about those many extra charges that get packed on to your tuition bill. But here at the George Snow Scholarship Fund, that phrase means something completely different. In addition to providing scholarship money to deserving students in our area, we also provide college physicals, supply gift bags, laptops, senior photos…the list goes on and on! And today begins one of many new initiatives or should I say additions to help our scholars: a blog!

Every week, we will be posting a blog for our scholars on surviving and thriving while in college. So scholars…get excited for tips and insight sent right to your inbox. So who is this mysterious blogger you may ask? She’s the newest addition to the George Snow Scholarship Fund family. But we will let her introduce herself…

Greetings scholars!

My name is Elena Tayem and I am the new Communications Coordinator here at the George Snow Scholarship Fund. I have been a volunteer with the foundation for 7 years and I am thrilled to now be working for this incredible non-profit organization. This blog is something that I am really excited about because I am actually quite fresh out of college myself. And wow…there is SO much that I know now that I wish someone warned me…I mean told me about… back when high school graduation was upon me.

I am also a Palm Beach County local just like most of you. I grew up in Boca Raton and went to Atlantic High School in Delray Beach. I did the IB Program there and boy that was…. fun? I know a lot of you are IB graduates as well. While it was an extremely challenging program, I will tell you this. IT WAS WORTH IT. IB and AP classes prepared me tremendously for college. And I must say, college classes were for the most part a breeze. (except for Math…I’ve always been terrible at math) The real challenging parts happen before and after class. And that’s what I’m going to address in this blog. But let me tell you a little about my background first.

I graduated from the University of Miami last May. And yes… it’s all about the []_[]! (Sorry Gator & Noles scholars) I studied Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. To say I loved college is an understatement. I completely immersed myself by taking advantage of all UM had to offer. I lived on campus, lived off campus, commuted, participated in clubs, served on executive committees, interned, worked as an RA, went to sporting events, experienced Miami culture and made incredible lifelong friends.

But it wasn’t all a walk in the park. Many issues came up that I had to overcome and learn from. But everything I experienced helped me to grow as a person.  And this blog will address all those triumphs, tribulations and obstacles that I experienced firsthand. From living with roommates, to forming study habits, taking care of your mental & physical health, dating, friendships, resumes, interviews, internships, post-grad life, your first job…phew…a lot of stuff right? But don’t worry…I will cover it all. And if you have a question or topic you want me to address, ask away! I am more than happy to offer my advice. Wish to remain anonymous or need over the phone advice? I am here to help as well! My contact info can be found below.

So get ready…for many more additions to your tuition…

Elena Tayem
Communications Coordinator

The George Snow Scholarship Fund
201 Plaza Real, Suite #260
Boca Raton, FL 33432

P: 561-347-6799
F: 561-347-6380